This collection titled “Maestro” denotes the vibrancy of life, vigour, valiance and passion. A visual representation of the Spanish Matador, this collection is inspired by the tenacity of one to survive and to conquer, while personifying a flamboyant, arrogant yet humble hero. In keeping with the philosophy of their inspiration, the designs are delicate yet bold and intense, with stark tones of black, white and gold and a hint of emerald, and wine. Rich luscious silks, velvets, satins, thick cotton lycra, georgettes pay rich tribute to this monochromatic, dark line. An important highlight this season would be the customised print created by SVA: Black and white geometricst, derived from the tiles seen in Spanish monuments. When juxtaposed against traditional pita work technique, zardozi and handcrafted pleats and applique, the resulting silhouette is fiercely regal with a raw, edgy appeal.